Thoughts of Applecross

Last evening BBC2 screened part two of a five part Monty Hall documentary featuring his six month stay, from April last year, in an upgraded and remote cowshed just down the coast from here.

A beautiful program centered on a beautiful place called Applecross. Above is my 2008 pastel painting of the same, and here's the poem to go with it...

a'Chromraich (Applecross)

Breathtaking, truly,
when you climb the twisting heights
of Belach na Ba (Pass of the Cattle)
first see the drop down into Applecross
look over the sea to Raasay, Skye
and think of Saint Maelrubha,
Irish monk, coming here by oar and sail
thirteen hundred turning years ago
with holy messages for Pict and Gael

'a'Chromraich' the Gaels called this place
'The Sanctuary' to me and you
and that is what it is, Applecross,
this lovely shelter from the storm,
from life's hard race
a race from where to where who knows?
who knows of where went
St Maelrubha's grace?


  1. Agree with you, Bryan, about the programme. But for those who saw it and have been wondering about the music. Well, most of it was provided by 'local' band the Peatbog Faeries (they are based on Skye). If anyone is interested in learning more they should visit - one track which was played in Sunday's programme was Wacko King Hako (my all time favourite) - you can listen/download on the site. Can't wait for next Sunday to see the yummy Monty again...

  2. Bryan

    As the proud owners of two of your beautiful original paintings - Firemore and Gairloch from Big Sand, we would like to tell you how much we love all your recent paintings (Loch Broom from Ullapool is my favourite with Tollie Bay a close second) Our wedding anniversary is coming up shortly and our daughter would like to buy us one of your prints. We would be delighted if you could tell us which of your paintings are available as prints Thank you

    Meron and Sandy

  3. Thanks Meron and Sandy. Yes, they're all available as prints - picture size 350 x 260mm

    £37 including postage but special discount for special purchasers such as people of Paisley who will be in spirit if not in body at Twickenham on Saturday, along with me (in spirit and singing The Flowers with the best and the rest)

  4. Thanks Bryan, will try to chose one (both of us agreeing may take some time!)

    Sandy will certainly be at Twickenham in spirit - in his case, a nice Highland Park or a Macallan

    Don't know how to get my name on this, which is why it says 'anonymous'

    Love to you and my friend Dee


  5. Thanks Bryan. Now all we have to do is to agree which one we want - this may take some time! Twickenham- well in Sandy's case, the spirit (always willing)is likely to be a nice Highland Park or the McCallan. Fingers crossed for Saturday, and anything else you think might help



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