Pavilioned in Splendour

Enclosed by trees, by lawns, and here a Spa,
(across the road, the township Square,)
stands naturally The Pavilion, splendid
meeting place these many turning years
since HRH in carriage and four
looked out, waved to her people, saw …

"… the celebrated Strathpeffer, which is extremely pretty - a wooded glen with houses and cottages dotted about" (Queen Victoria's More Leaves from the Journal of a Life in the Highlands: Sept 12th 1877.)

And in your mind you see the history
and the dancing and the dancers
and the uniforms in times of war
and hear the music of generations
and their voices, laughter, echo still
from this Pavilion; from hill to hill.

July 2008

We were invited to show our Pictures and Poems stuff by the Friends of the Pavilion so I painted this in pastel as the basis for a card. In the event we sold a satisfying volume of product but, I think, only two cards featuring that which you see above.

Never mind. The original is well framed by Lynne Bennet-Mackenzie of Gairloch and hangs, a perfect fit, in our hallway. Nobody wins them all!

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