Spring into Summer

On Saturday I drove over the hill to Beauly for my book signing at the Gallery. In spite of our expensive newspaper advertising the event was not a success. Yes, I sold a few books and met some nice people but on balance I'll be thinking long and hard about repeating the exercise elsewhere. It is not easy standing or sitting behind a pile of your books smiling serenely whilst people drift by, studiously avoiding eye contact.

There's something circular about marketing a novel. However good a read, you cannot get people interested in it unless they've read it, and they won't read it unless they're interested in it, or in you. Maybe if I'd written under a more literary nom de plume - say, David Beckham, Jack the Ripper or one of the large breasted ladies adorning the tabloid press? If that has the taste of sour grapes it's probably because it is and they are!

Not to worry, More Deaths Than One is a book in print and will stay in print and if it's good enough there will be a gradual build up in sales through that fabled old word of mouth. For sure several hundred individuals have read it, and according to the day by day feedback have very much enjoyed it. And soon More Deaths will be joined by my second masterwork, Going with Gabriel.

Meanwhile it's all hands to the pumps as the new Pictures and Poems selling season looms large. Our new range of products is now almost complete, the first of Dee's local markets is a week on Tuesday and after that I'll be touring the fifty of so West Highlands shops that took our cards, prints, booklets, calendars last year. I'll be re-encountering old friends and new ones, comparing notes on winter gone and summer to come and travelling through some truly inspirational landscapes in order to do so. Can't be bad.

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