Life goes on

Today it's sunshine and showers. A bit like our old Mati. We thought she might be recovering from whatever was ailing her over the weekend. She decided to eat a few mouthfuls of tunafish flakes and showed interest in a walk, but when we took her on a short stroll down to the watermill it proved a bit too much. So now, late afternoon, she's stretched out in front of the fire, fast asleep once more.

Why don't we take her to the veterinary? Because we don't think she is in too much pain, if indeed in any. As I said yesterday, with this lady vizsla you can't tell. And also because we don't want to set her off on a journey which is bound to discomfort her, one from which there may well be no return; much as we hate to think that way.

Whatever, life trundles on and Dee's lunch party yesterday proved a wonderful diversion and a good time was had by all. Mother's Day and my own 74.5th birthday were well and truly celebrated. If, over the coffee and after some lovely red, I became over-argumentative, over-philosophical or over the top in any way I wish to apologise right here.

But today it's on with the motley on the run up to our first of the season market. In two weeks time we'll be launching several new Pictures and Poems products with a new stand set-up at Poolewe. I'd best get the tools out.

Before that, on Saturday 28th, I'm doing a book signing session at The Beauly Gallery. So if you're not reading this from a continent of two's distance why not come along for a chat and a signed copy of More Deaths Than One? We're getting really great feed-back from those who've read my novel. Some aren't known to us and in respect of those who are known to us, making due allowance for their 'wish to encourage'. Thanks to all.

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