Great Idea

What's your feeling about short stories? When I was a young man (not so long ago as all that, smartie pants! At least not in terms of, say, the age of Torridian sandstone) I used to get a monthly anthology of these little gems. It was called 'Argosy'and unless I'm mistaken has long since gone to the unloved-enough journal's last resting place. But I always liked the pithiness of the genre, and of course the twist in the tale (tail) that left you amazed and delighted.

Short fiction is a particularly difficult form of writing. Not so difficult as poetry, true, but more difficult than the novel and much more difficult than non-fiction.

The reason I ask is that a friend has come up with a remarkable idea for 'reviving' the short story. My own stort stories actually, for I have fourteen of them residing quietly in a folder within my PC. Some of them have actually won stuff in recent times, and on either side of the Atlantic.

My friend's suggestion is for me to design the covers and print the stories as A5 booklets for sale in shops at, say £1.50 each. I should at the same time design and make a little foldover leaflet that summarises the story and contains the opening paras. These leaflets would be for positioning in the cafes that are often, up here, adjacent to the shops. As she puts it, when you've finished perusing the menu and looking through the window, what next? Food for the soul perhaps? A bite of imagination?

Thanks, Sue. Watch this space...

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