Last summer a lady visitor to the area came to our local market stall and bought a copy of my booklet An Incomer's Views ON WESTER-ROSS in 24 Paintings, Poems and Narratives. She explained to Dee about this thing called 'When you've read a book', she said, 'You either send it to someone else to enjoy or simply leave it about for some passing stranger to pick up, enjoy, re-cycle. ' That's what she planned to do with my little epic.

Yesterday our daughter in law, Lorraine, (who lives in Spain, so how poetic is that) , spoke of the self-same She had just finished reading (in only three days - is this a record?) and truly enjoying More Deaths Than One and she planned to send her copy out on its own random world travels through Bookcrossing. So why didn't I look at this as a way to promote?

I did, and I have free registered and will leave a copy - I'm not saying where - of More Deaths Than One hopefully for some booklover to find . As I say, the where and the who is a secret unless and until I hear from its finder / reader / re-cycler, in which event watch this space.

This whole thing seems like a very good idea. Maybe we should all go in for Bookcrossing. Who wouldn't want a book they have read and enjoyed read and enjoyed by another or others instead of consigning it to a dusty shelf? Or horror of horrors to a waste bin. Unless we're talking collectors books, of course. Or books we'll want to re-read, as have at least two readers of More Deaths Than One.

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  1. I'm doing my bit. My copy of "More Deaths Than One" has come back from Holland (reader thoroughly enjoyed it) and it is now in Glasgow with my niece who is really getting into it - it will come back to Inverness and go to my Nephew (sorry this is not promoting your sales but I am trying) Tooty


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