An Awakening

Our PM's constant allusion to a 'resumption of normal lending' is a sure sign of one of the greatest mis-readings of a critical situation by the leader of this country since one of his predecessors talked of 'peace in our time' on his return from Hitler's Germany in 1938. Believing that a return to so-called 'normal lending' would be good news is akin to a sufferer from skin cancer being told by his GP not to worry, we'll soon have you cured so you can get back to your sunbathing.

Cannot the man see that so many people are sick to death of living in the shadow of their own special debt mountain? Sick and tired of money lenders, (Mr Salmond's 'spivs'), grown rich and fat off this 'normal lending' being rescued from well deserved approbation, from financial penalty or from jail by a so-called socialist government intent on doling out great chunks of its own borrowings? Having of course exhausted the money entrusted to its safekeeping by working folk, payers of taxes past and present?

Even now our PM is on a world tour ahead of his precious G20 meeting next week. We're told he's attempting to encourage others to join in his profligatic hand out. Presumably this is on the basis that if he can persuade others to join in then everything will be OK. That is, if everyone else is at it and in it, your own misconduct and your resultant situation goes unnoticed?

We all entrust our earned surpluses to banks because we think - or thought - that banks are, or were supposed to be more secure than mattresses. And because it's very difficult to live in a society as structured, digitised and plasticised as ours without them. Transaction by cash and by barter is not an option. Not in the short term anyway. Not after years and years of you must want it / must have it now and (maybe) pay later if all else fails.

Mr Brown should realise that many of us don't actually want it any more because we don't need it and probably never did. That is why what we are seeing today is not a recession, not even a deep recession, not even a depression. It's the beginning of an awakening. Thank God.

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