Loch Broom from Ullapool

This is my most recently completed pastel painting, (about 42 x 32 cm in size), aimed primarily for inclusion in our 2010 Wester-Ross calendar; Month of April. All done now, the creative bit anyway. Just remains to be out-sourced and the 2000 copies paid for. Then the less satisfying therefore more difficult bit - selling the things across the highways and byways of these Western Highlands. Watch out shopkeepers, here I come. Oh, and the poem with the picture ...

Loch Broom from Ullapool

Loch Broom sunrising

When dawn paints all her pastel hues
across the rocky, distant hill,
Loch Broom's a book of mirror views
and all the world lies, lovely, still

There at her head ascends the glen
carved out by ice where deer now rule
and here's the town that speaks of when
old fishers built new Ullapool

There aren't so many fish these days
nor here so many fisher-ships
but still Rick Stein is full of praise
for Ullapool's great fish and chips.

Sit on the wall by the harbour side
relish your deep fried, golden brown,
watch calling seagulls' airy ride
at day's end as the sun goes down.

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