That which remains

Here's another pastel painting, finished yesterday. Anybody who's been down the track leading to Tollie Farm near Poolewe will recognise the view even though some elements have been transposed for the sake of composition. It's from the foot of Loch Maree, close by the point at which the loch disgorges its excess rainfall into the few short miles of the river Ewe, thence into mother sea. A version of this painting, complete with poem, will become January in our 2010 calendar.

Sometimes the poem comes ahead of the picture and sometimes during its execution, but there's always a theme in mind by the time I put away my mucky bits and pieces of pastel sticks. There's no poem yet for 'Loch Maree from Tollie' but its theme will be 'that which has gone and that which remains'.

That which has gone includes, on the one hand, the landing stage for the steamboats which once plied their trade down the twenty mile length of one of Scotland's most beautiful freshwater lochs, on the other, the almost entirely lost migratory runs of sea trout and salmon which once made Maree one of Europe's more celebrated venues for devotees of rod and reel.

That which remains is ... well, that which you can see here. Unspoiled by us, on the surface at least, thus far.

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