Scottish Opera

Last evening we sat in a packed Gairloch Hall, listening and watching entranced as four singers and a pianist transported us into a kaleidoscopic world of operatic music, of people and places, of life itself.

'Essential Scottish Opera': didn't they do well!

A great performance of great music has this capacity, perhaps unique amongst the arts, to uplift and enrich whatever mystery it is that used to be called the human soul. (Still is, though perhaps by a minority.) I don't think I'm being in any way fanciful in saying we could all sense and see it in the faces, hear it in the voices as we filed out of the Hall into a cold February night.

The beauty of it is that you don't have to be an 'expert' to know what is great and what is pretendy great and what is not great in the world of music. You can feel it. It doesn't matter whether some others or all others can feel it too, but it helps when they do. And last night they really and truly did.

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