Property is not just bricks

A good friend recently alerted me to the dangers of putting out on the web unprotected materials, especially artworks.

In fact, in a previous existence, I had a total of six Patents Pending (now all lapsed) in the field of packaging, so had made a bit of a study of the Copyright laws. Before that I used to take a drawing and description of my revolutionary cluster pack for yogurt cups, or something, down to the Post Office to have it datestamped. One day the friendly sub postmistress explained why it wasn't necessary. Copyright was mine as of Right, as it were, she said, the moment pen leaves paper or brush leaves canvas or image leaves camera. All you then need is a shedload of money to enforce your right to ownership.

But having said this, definitely when we get to re-constructing www.picturesand we will leave a copyright notice on each of the pages. I suppose tantamount to having a notice tatooed in the back of your right hand; "If you steal my watch you are a thief and will be prosecuted to the full extent of The Law." That should deter old Fagin and his likely lads - or alert them to the fact that my watch is a 1938 Rolex Master (I wish).

Most people's problem (including my own) is getting people to take an interest in the stuff cast out into the four strong winds of cyber-space. If too many people take too much of an interest ans seek a profit of their own - well that's great, up to a wonderful point. Should I ever find some bastard vending copies of my painting - well, I guess at that point I've really arrived, and can look forward to being invited to join "I'm a celebrity - get me out of here"; therefore the opportunity to advise the inviter to go forth and find someone with whom to multiply!

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