New painting

As visitors in years gone by we often used to take a meal of a drink here at the Old Inn. It's a great pub restaurant. I posted my latest painting a few days ago, the one in which it features. This is the poem to go with it on our 2010 calendar....


Drive down the hill to your long journey's end,
there's Gairloch, the harbour and Flowerdale,
old bridge, Old Inn, you're welcome here friend,
welcome to bide and perhaps tell your tale.

Sit by the burn with a drink, a book, or
look over the loch as the sun goes down,
'neath the shade of a tree take a long look
at this bright jewel in the Highland's crown.

Behind you, the seat of an ancient clan
whose big house looks down here and over all
Mackenzies held sway over all this land,
the hill and the forest, lochs large and small.

You'll read the history: wars without cease,
injustice, clan feudings, the sword and blood
but all that is past for here now there's peace;
Yes here is contentment, life understood.

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