Never mind the weather

Well, the temperature is up, the cloud level well down and there's a thin drizzle out there this morning. Very February.

I looked at the Times On-line. The headlines matched the weather. Why do these 'economists' get so depressed about something called 'deflation'? Surely if prices are going down that might be a good thing? No? Why not?

I place quotation marks around the word 'economists' because I really don't know what they're for. Whatever, they don't seem to have served the banks, the governments, the media nor you and I to any visibly beneficial purpose. For me these highly educated and highly paid boys and girls are on a par with weather forecasters: today they get right simply by looking out the window but tomorrow is a bit of a probably and the day after that ... next week? Forget it. Next year? You're 'avin a laugh.

Did anyone really, really believe that everything financial - from the apparent wealth of this small island down to that of everyone inhabiting it - would continue its rise and rise? If they did, have they forgotten the first Law of Nature (according to my economist / general layabout friend in the pub) i.e. 'What goes up must come down'? Did they not see that the five sixth of humankind with, by our standards, nothing, would get to want what 'we' take for granted, thus leaving less of it for 'us'? Especially as that five sixth is multiplying at a rate unprecedented in the history of our species.

I for one couldn't care less about inflation / deflation. For me, as I've remarked before on here, it's about wellbeing; irrespective of the economy, even of the weather. It's just about enjoying this day of your life.

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