Lovely Lochcarron

Lochcarron is another subject for my Wester-Ross series of paintings, one that I have long found difficult to compose. The village lies in a thin strip at the foot of the hill along the northern flank of the loch. I'm unsure whether this loch is of saltwater or fresh. Sure, it's joined to the Minch and the Atlantic through Loch Kishorn but the ampitheatre of hills within which Loch Carron lies must charge it with much fresh water ... I'll have to look it up. I digress. I know, so what's new!

This is actually my second Lochcarron painting. The first one featured a dark sky and wind-ruffled water. Rays of sunlight came through the cloud cover to annoint the little island; a wonderful effect that I tried hard but failed to achieve to a level of satisfaction. That week's work is now in torn up pieces in some rubbish dump. I know how Whistler felt. He is reputed to have binned twice as many as he kept of his wonderful River Thames studies.

Anyway, a lovely couple from Northern Ireland, (he might bridle at the adjective but it's meant more for her), bought one of my originals some years ago: 'Plockton', in fact. We became good friends. More recently they moved to Lochcarron although without disposing of their home over the water; so they are now, as it were, astride the Irish Sea. The view depicted is from their well-shrubbed, well-flowered, well-treed Lochcarron garden... I've just this minute realised something; I've unintentionally left out the boats that always lie at anchor in the lee of that island. Oh well, it's not yet framed so I'll have to do something about it.

This painting and the poem in course of composition will feature in our 2010 calendar. Probably the month of June.

Here comes the commercial. If you're ever in Lochcarron you'll find some of our stuff in the award winning mini-supermarket there - also an item or two in the gas station / garage, even the Carron Gallery by the head of the loch. Buy something and make the owners and an old man happy!

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