Lochcarron reflections

In assembling our 2010 calendar I realised I had omitted to compose a poem to go alongside the August painting. So here it is...

Lochcarron reflections

A long way from the nearest town
a straggly village sits, contented though alone,
along the flank of great Loch Carron,
whose salty brine is constantly refreshed
by river, rain and rain from many burns
that ever drain the cup of ancient hills
in which it mirror-sits as this Earth turns.

Here you can tell this Earth is living, too:
she breathes, each breath a turning season long.
although in ways unknown to me and you
she hears, she shares the rhythm of life's song.

Lochcarron is not ever thus, of course.
how strong in winter time the cold winds blew,
whilst raging seas, wind shrieking, flew
through longest nights when little comfort comes.
That matters not! How grand this young day is,
how good to feel this lovely morning's kiss.

If you don't already know the place, come see for yourself.

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