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My PC has been slowing down for some time so I've been eliminating most of the thousands of old 'deleted' and 'sent' files; thousands of them, going back a very long way. However I decided to save the cluster of e-mails I sent home to Winchester from my apartment in Bahrain - the ones immediately following the attacks on the Twin Towers. This is the one I sent on the early morning of Wednesday 12th September 2001...

12th September 2001 will be noted in such history books as are around as being the end of an era. For sure Americana will not stop its growth into this poor old world of ours, cancerous or otherwise according to one's lights. Just as for sure there will always be men willing to die in the cause of what we accurately call 'terror', so long as they perceive their dark-skinned lives to have so little meaning. But the progress of Americana's cultural onslaught will slow down, will perhaps become less extreme, even more benevolent. Perhaps if we believe in a future for humanity we will all need to re-learn some of the truths that our kind have long forgotten. Truths that we have successfully buried under mountains of the most extreme form of consumer materialism alongside its subliminally perverted mirror, the so-called 'media'; the tidal wave that has in our lifetime actually been consuming us all.

Personally I can only hope for benefit. If there is no gain in truth and in human kindness as a result of the hi-jacking of four civil airliners and the visions of hell under a clear blue sky that followed, what was it all about? I reckon the ripples will spread and spread and will threaten disturbance and massive change to all our preconceptions of normality. Like the stroke of a butterfly wing that mutates over millions of successive causes and effects and finally turns into world climatic change (the so-called chaos theory) nobody can forecast anything in any sensible way and the only sensible thing to do is not to try.

As ever one's first thought is; How will all the events on the eastern seaboard, USA, affect me and you? My guess is that in the immediate aftermath not at all, except there will be many less occupied seats on the airplanes or less airplanes in the sky. But in the longer run we will be less welcome here in the Gulf. Personal harrassment of 'Westerners' will become more common. Of course military action of one kind or another in this area cannot be ruled out and indeed seems ever more likely. This brings in the threat to oil supplies and then to our whole fiscal system, although in my view this relatively modern phenomenon where everybody white skinned and lucky, talented or otherwise gets to be 'rich' without much regard to the how, the why or the anything else - this was creaking and cracking long before yesterday.

Never mind, sweet lady. One day I will start one to you like, 'Great news! I have been nominated for the Pullitzer Prize for Fiction' and / or one from you to me reading: 'Great news, I am going to have our baby and it has all the right number of digits etc and by the way we've won the lottery ....

Love as always

Ah well. Some right, some wrong, some just a trifle unlikely, Delia.

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