The Killing

I went to bed with the images and the sounds of killing in my head. Gaza City and its people lay to all intents and purposes unprotected within its own darkness and within the darkness of the world.
Also in my head, the clear cut benediction, the positive encouragement, for this assault, of the President of those United States of America from whence had come the mountains of armaments now in full employ.
I always sleep very well but last night I did not. I don't know why, for there's nothing in any way new about all this.
The father of the man born a couple of thousand years ago last week, if indeed he was/is the Mankind's saviour, must have been and must still be aware that his creation was and is so deeply flawed as to seek his own destruction and the destruction of much of the planet with which he had been entrusted.
There is no glory here. Only sadness.

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