It's the wellbeing

A couple of days ago I finished off our micro Tax Return and in good time to avoid a fine. Good feeling, the finishing; quite wierd, the actual doing. All that poring over old receipts, old invoices; footprints in the sands of time long blown over and away. Anyway, done and dusted, I hope to Her Majesty's Government's satisfaction.

Today I learn same government is to 'provide' ailing businesses with chunks of the taxes paid out in good faith by millions of us. Provide = 'lend', 'give away'? What's the difference, because for sure much of this largesse will never be returned to an Exchequer paid by the people to safeguard it, spend it wisely. Many, many of the recipients will simply spend (or divert into private pockets) what they have been given and will then disappear; whether quietly or with much noise it matters not.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do! Nor whether it is possible to do it. Perhaps HMG / 'The City' is trying to revive the dead, for what we are seeing is not a recession, not some kind of disease, but is a re-balancing of the human values which underpin our society and the place of our species on this planet. Perhpas this is no sudden ailment but the first rumblings of a process that will last for centuries to come.

For me, the most stupid of all political mantras was the Clinton's, "It's the economy, stupid!" It was not and is not the economy. The economy was and is the servant, not the master. Clinton should have shouted; "It's the wellbeing, stupid", and that is a thing not of money but of the soul and of the host planet itself.

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