A different kind of technicolour.

As usual we watched Jools Holland and his guests right through to the bitter end. Every New Years Eve show is very good but we thought this one even better than usual. More on that later.
Anyway, as a result we found ourselves sitting up in bed marvelling at the sky effects as the new year dawned. Yes, up here in the north, day breaks after eight o clock at this time of year, so today's was a lazy old start.
There was absolutely no movement of air and at first the panorama of loch, mountains and low cloud seemed but a quiet symphony of greys. Then quite suddenly it was as if someone had spilt a watercolour of palest pink into the low down south east sky. But immediately after that all this majesty happened, just happened, and for no more than three or four minutes before it was all over.
First the pink turned into dull orange then the orange grew brighter, suffusing the undersides of the billows of cloud higher and higher second by second as we watched. The low over the mountains slash of bright orange reddened and burst into a dazzlingly red hot white (that isn't a paradox)and all this technicolour had transmitted itself upside down upon the still surface of Loch Ewe.
But all too soon the reds and oranges were turning bright yellow and then pale yellow and then some of the palest blue in the cloud gaps and then it was gone and it was now 2009 good and proper.
How insignificant seemed last night's fireworks in comparison to this.
Back to Jools and the wonderful singing voices of five lady angels. A different kind of technicolour. First amongst equals, at least in our opinion? The immaculate Annie Lennox.

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