Burns, Speeches, Music

Well, last night may have been dank and dark but inside the Poolewe Hotel all was light, colour, gaiety (funny old word) and words and thoughts of finer things. Thank you, Mister Robert Burns.

The cock a leekie and that great old chieftain o' the puddin' race were excellent, the craic absorbing and the uisca beatha was its customary inspiration to and for the toasters.

And the speeches! Never a dull moment as the spotlight moved from the smooth humoured profesionalism of The Chair to the Rector with his learned, fascinating insights into the Bard's Immortal Memory; to the Toast to the Lassies and the good Doctor's vaginal zoology, (for a fuller explanation see Sigmund Freud's 'Unusual preoccupations of the Menopausal Female'); to the Lady from Gairloch's gentle and not so gentle observations on sexual disparities (in particular on the male of her species); always funny, even when and where the arrows hit.

And never to forget the music, for Burns and music are as one. The accordion and the singing and the Pipes: ah, the pipes! Loved 'em. Thank you, Mister Postmaster.

PS to this: If anyone else has tried and failed to post a comment on one of my blogs, don't despair. Its probably not your fault. Jackie; help this learner please? Once more?

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  1. Hi Bryan,
    I'm confident when you see this comment you'll know exactly what to do....
    I'm now off to read that reference to Sigmund Freud...


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