2010 And All That

Two thousand and ten: today, 5 January 2009, I'm designing our Pictures and Poems calendar for 2010. Why so soon? Because, strange but true, the retail market for next year's calendar begins at or even before Easter this year.
We've settled on the (new) format and selected eight out of the twelve months' subject material. Now it's a question of designing the all-important front cover / back cover, solidifying ideas for the remaining four paintings and composing the short poems to go with them.
But your mind cannot help but wonder what kind of a world will surround those who will be looking at these calendars on their walls one to two years from now. Personally I do not believe that world will be the usual 'same as last year plus or minus a little bit here and there'. I see huge, painful but, for the longer term, rewarding changes in life style, fuelled not least by world-wide economic elements , not least by the changed nature and scope of 'politics with a dash of the spiritual' here and elsewhere.
I do hope so. I do hope our brakes can be made to take effect in time to prevent ... what?
From global to personal; over the holidays I came up with an important theme and a format for my third novel. Now all I need to do is to write it, get it published, get it marketed. So where is the problem?

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