What's so wrong about less?

In a very short time the undignified scramble to avoid having to accept less has collapsed public confidence in the wisdom (and honesty) of our leaders, ditto in the solidity (and honesty) of those who operate our financial systems.
Why this governmental scramble to print money and chuck it out like drunken sailors to institutions, industries and individuals who are already borrowed up to and beyond the hilt and have neither the appetite to, nor any real prospect of, repaying it?
What the devil is wrong with accepting that what goes up must come down? What's wrong with a government leading by example to live with that FACT OF LIFE?
I am just about of an age to remember when our country willingly and without protest accepted the need for accepting less in 1939. I seem to recollect a healthy sense of national unity. I assert that public morale was hugely higher then than now. Where is the polotician who will promise us the truth in terms of nothing but blood, sweat and tears - and be cheered to the rafters for so doing?
We all know there is only one group of losers in the current scramble. It is not the moneylenders in the temple, nor the proud inhabitants of all those brand new ivory towers. The losers will be those who have saved what little they could from their lifetimes of honest endeavour only to discover now that those to whom they entrusted their savings have tossed their money to the four winds, richly rewarding themselves in the process.
Will those who now sleep walk us all to the edge wake up in time? I doubt it.

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