So read it!

As the author of a first novel the question you dread the most is ... 'What's it about?'

For a brief moment in time the months and years of early mornings and the uncounted hours of preoccupied thinking flash through your mind. You see your carefully created cast of disparate characters going about their working of your story. How to reduce all that, (already condensed into your final 127,330 words), into a one sentence throw away that does not diminish the thing?

Well, you have to try. Being a writer of verse helps, for verse is in itself a distillation, a kind of rhythmic lowest common denominator of what you are trying to convey. Being a writer of short stories also helps because such a form prohibits philosophistry or purple prose patches or any other non-essential meanderings.

In the end of course you come up with your own formulaic answer. In the case of my own first full length novel, More Deaths Than One, I say; 'It's a literary thriller set mainly in the Middle East and its about injustice and revenge.' So read it!

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