Poor little pound sterling

Looking at the financial news I wonder when we British are going to wake up to the reality of ourselves as others see us in this 21st century?
When will we all come to realise that our lovely pound note is a goner - that we must now resolve to crawl unprotesting into the strong euroland as was actually first conceived by our own BRITISH Prime Minister in 1944?
When will we all come to see Westminster as little more than a decorative and very expensive relic of the past; that it is already in the process of going the way of our beloved monarchy? For who can discern a serious difference, either in policies or the quality of our elected so-called representatives, between Westminster's political parties?
It seems to me that the only government that should matter now is (a) local and (b) in Brussells.
When? It matters not to me, but it will to my grandchildren, I think.

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