Media Release: More Deaths Than One

74 year old Wester Ross artist poet releases new literary thriller fiction

More Deaths Than One, a literary thriller written and designed by 74 years old Bryan Islip is to be launched at a special signing in Gairloch's The Mountain Coffee Company, 3 - 7 pm, 13th December 2008.

The novel More Deaths Than One is set largely in the Middle East. An injustice suffered by the novel's protagonist proves a most bitter pill - potentially a fatal one in a country where the landing card is headlined in red italics: 'Death For Drugs Dealers'. Even with a carefully hidden past life as resourceful, as explosive as that of Thomas Thornton's, what odds against any future for himself, for his family, for his new-found multi-national, multi-ethnic team? What of his love for the ways of Arabia? That is the scenario. How this man Thornton deals with it is the story.

This is the first of the debut author's two new novels, the second being due for release in July 2009. Bryan Islip lives in Mellon Charles, Wester Ross. He paints in a variety of media, invariably composing a poem at the same time to reinforce and represent the subject. His Highland landscapes / verses are marketed by himself and his wife Delia as prints, greetings cards, calendars etc under their Pictures and Poems branding.

Last year he wrote, self-published and marketed a selection of these in his highly successful booklet, An Incomers Views On Wester-Ross in 24 pictures, poems and narratives. Several of his short stories have won through to publication in the UK and the USA Bryan was marketing director of a US based multinational packaging house before starting up his own consultancy and manufacturing units in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. For some years he and his wife commuted there from their home near Winchester.

Events in New York on 11th September 2001 caused them to engage in some radical re-thinking. They decided that the time was right to exploit such artistic talents as Bryan had long been using in his hobbies. For many years they had walked the hills with their dogs and had enjoyed the hospitality on holidays in Wester-Ross. They could think of nowhere better, not to 'retire' but for Bryan to write and to paint, now for a living, and for both of them to engage with the production and the marketing of the results.

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