Markets are for meeting

Today we mount the final craft market of 2008 at our local Aultbea Village Hall. We will be showing - hopefully selling some of our Pictures and Poems range. For the unfamiliar, the range includes greetings cards, mounted prints, calendars, bookmarks and a booklet, all derivative from my Scottish Highlands landscapes and their associated poems. And the new star on our stand will be my newly published novel, More Deaths Than One.

We have done some thirty of these markets this year, in locations ranging from Inverness to the west coast. Results in money terms have been generally been fair to good but the learning value of them has been outstanding. We also sell our P&P range through scores of shops along the west coast but the value, at the markets, of being able to talk with individual customers has become very obvious. Provided one is prepared to listen, that is, not just to talk!

The Aultbea Christmas Market is a two day affair. Dee would normally man our stand throughout but because she is still recovering from her cold I will take it today and she tomorrow provided she is fit enough. The Hall is certainly well 'decked with holly'. I'm sure it will truly prove to be 'the season to be jolly'; although of course, Christmas up here is a lesser festivity than the Hogmanay that follows closely behind it. How well we recall that first of our New Year's here in the Hall! All ages, all forms of music, all kinds of drinks in plastic cups, no pretensions. Completely wonderful and a long way from lovely Hampshire. We had come home.

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