It's a rough old day out there...

From my PC station I look across a field and a mile of (salt water) Loch Ewe, then across Isle Ewe and a couple more sea miles to the loch's far shore. Beyond that, the proverbial serried ranks of hills usually rise and roll away into the blue grey distant Torridons. But not today. The weather matches the headlines.

It's an uncomfortable, largely unprintable fact that three quarters of humanity is right now revelling in the sackcloth and ashes that the other quarter has brought down upon its own head.

For me, the good side effect of all this financial skullduggery and the fallout from it is the opportunity to re-evaluate and then to change direction. Let's leave the greedy to their own devices and much good will their ill-gotten gains do for them. Their market economy, as a lifestyle system, is as bust or is about to be as bust as communism or the flat earth movement. So what next? How about some of these ... for 'international' read local ... for 'service industry' read 'proper industry' (that actually makes stuff, Margaret!) ... for imposing one's own ideas on others by force, read live and let live (how do you know their ideas aren't better than yours?) ...

Where are the real leaders to see the way, steer the ship? Forget Westminster, Washington, Brussells, for real leaders are not to be found in any such ivory towers. Look around you. They are there. The sun also rises.

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