Another Saturday, another Craft Fair, It's six a.m. and I'm still unsure whether it'll be me or Dee who will make the one hour trip over empty roads to set up our Pictures and Poems stuff at the Ledgowan Lodge Hotel in Achnasheen. We can't both do it with all the other jobs lined up.

Achnasheen - what a great name for a settlement with a population of 28 souls situated high on the hills, midway between here on the ragged northwest coast and Inverness, capital of the Scottish Highlands. But the grand old hotel is great, no doubt decorated in the genuine 'Baronial Christmas' style this day, and the company is bound to be equal to it...

Of course people talk about Christmas with a huge sense of affection. Without getting too analytical about it, maybe its the positive feelings it evokes. Old fashioned words like old-fashioned' itself; goodness; kindness; grace. 'Happy Christmas' we wish each other, and why not? Even amidst all the non-happiness of humankind in today's world, what's wrong with being happy - i.e. not wanting that which one does not have?

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