What is the meaning of this?

'What is the meaning of this?' asked mister Ingles-Jones, our furious housemaster. It was after lights out. The whole dormitory-ful of small boys silently surrounding a pair of mini-fighters had been surprised, caught in the act of breaking several of the school rules; trouble now in store.

'E=Mc2' muttered Harris.

'Who said that?' The master's tone ominously cold. 'That boy will step forward NOW.'

Harris dutifully stepped forward, stood to attention in his striped pyjamas. 'I only meant, sir,' he said, 'That Mister O'Brien (science master) told us E=Mc2 is the meaning of everything.'
We did our best to keep back the giggles. Harris took his pain-filled punishment with equal elan, therefore without tears, as was the custom.

Just about now a group of scientists on the Swiss-French border will hope to find out whether Einstein was right. My question is simply this: Does it matter, what is matter? Indeed, what is the matter with them / us, who think we need to know?

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